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In this issue we have some really great articles! In Decisions! Decisions! Michael McGuire explores the many overlooked and underappreciated jobs and requirements that go hand-in-hand with being a choral director. Katie Stevenson takes us on a journey into The History and Etiquette of Flower Giving. And finally, Megan McDonald gives us some tips to keep in mind when auditioning for a choir. I hope you find insight and enjoyment with this issue's collection of articles.

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Real Authentic Women

Mixed Ages
By Lyn Ransom, D.M.A., Director of Program Development, Music Together

Parents attending Music Together for the first time often wonder why children of different ages are in the same class. Wouldn't it make more sense, they wonder, to divide children up by age and teach them bits of information or skills in the right sequence, as they are ready? And shouldn't they be with their own age group socially?

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The History and Etiquette of Flower Giving
By Katie Stevenson

Excitement ran through Meredith's body as the choir took one more bow. The final bits of applause lingered in the air, and the audience began to stir, anxious to congratulate a child, neighbor, or friend who had just performed. Meredith filed off of the risers and hurried to gather her things backstage before meeting her parents in the foyer of the theatre. She was eager to see them, not only to hear their compliments but also for the flowers. Every year her parents gave her flowers after the Spring Concert. Although she had come to expect them, they were still a nice token of her parents' love and appreciation. As Meredith got into the car, breathing in the sweet aroma of fresh cut flowers, she wondered how flower giving ever started. When and where did people begin giving flowers? What do they mean? Is there a reason why people give flowers?

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Auditioning For A Choir
By Megan McDonald

Auditioning for a choir can be a very positive experience, especially if you prepare and know what will be expected. In this article you will be reading about which choirs require auditions, what foods to avoid prior to auditioning, getting familiar with the section terms of a choir, the difference between private and group auditions, how to keep your cool under pressure, and what happens if you do or don't get in. Most importantly, this article will give the reader a general idea of what to expect during the auditioning process.

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